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Increase Open Rates with these 9 Best Email Subject Lines  

An unread email has not achieved anything. Learn to create interesting subjects for your emails that are sure to convince the receiver to read them.  

Magic Marketing tricks and 45 Awesome Facebook Advertising Tips  

The article has all you need to know about Facebook, from advertising to gaining the best engagement and dialogue from your social posts. All these tips from the article are the one stop tricks for anything on marketing on Facebook.  

6 Best Social Media Marketing Strategies To Revamp Your Efforts in 2014  

WordStream’s Margot da Cunha give us the six social media strategies that work efficiently even after 2014.  

Search Engine Watch guides us on all about Hashtags, example their history and cites previously successful hashtag campaigns example #HashtagHelp.  

50 Tweetable Tips  

Courtesy of HubSpot, 50 sweet yet short twitter tips every marketer should know is described. Furthermore, they are tweet-able which adds to its value.  

Doubling Your Traffic From Social Media  

Kiss Metrics offers tips to gain the most from your social media networks by re-posting your content. Also, they offer the best guide to developing social sharing schedules that ensure you share your content multiple times and avoid being labeled a spammer.  

13 strategies to fight the blues from the brand bashing Facebook algorithms are dished out by Larry Kim in the article.  

Report Reveals How Drastic Brand Engagement on Facebook is Plummetting  

According to the report, organic brand engagement for all companies has reduced since the algorithm was updated in June 2014.  

The Fundamental Marketers’ list of IFTTT Recipes  

For those unfamiliar with the term IFTTT, it is an automation tool that connects functionality between different kind of apps. An example of a situation IFTTT is used when pictures posted on Instagram are also automatically posted on Twitter. IFTTT is a tool used for social media promotion thus marketers need to check out its operations from the list of the IFTTT recipes.  

A Study on How Social Content is Optimized by Marketers  

From the B2B Marketing Mentor, you gain awesome data on the average number of social media outlets a user uses, the number of social media posts that marketers conduct every day as some of the few examples. These are interesting topics worth checking out.  

5 Obvious Yet Extremely Effective Facebook Tactics  

Unbounce has brought the conversation to obvious tactics used in Facebook, but studies have shown other less obvious tactics example emoticons. When emoticons are used, there are usually more comments. However, Unbounce elaborates that not all the emoticons are equal. 

A Guide to Beginners on Conversion Rate Optimization

The facts About Conversion Rate Optimization Which You Know, But They are Wrong  

You may think you know all there is to know about Conversion Rate Optimization, but Larry Kim opens your eyes to the traits and how exactly a good conversion should be.  

Businesses today have a wide array of avenues to choose from where they can market their products. However, there are challenges in making the decision especially for a small or mid-sized business that does not have a lot of money nor resources to spend on marketing. Traditional print advertising and digital advertising are the most expensive avenues. For the small and mid-sized business, their best option is social media marketing which is free. However, marketing on social media and blogs is time-consuming.