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Your bed can make a difference when sleeping. When your bed is uncomfortable, it can keep you awake. If your mattress is lumpy, too old, or does not meet your needs because it is too firm or too soft, consider investing in a new mattress. You do not have to spend a fortune, but make a point of buying a quality mattress. A good mattress can last a lifetime. Choose a mattress with features that are right for you, and make sure it is the correct size for your bed frame. You can have decades of restful sleep with a good mattress.

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Your room is only one part of sleep preparation. When you want a good night’s sleep, you also need to prepare yourself. If you have a stressful, busy life, you can take steps to end the day. If you try to fall asleep while you are worried or have much on your mind, you may stay awake for many hours. Instead, you can make a point of ending the day by relaxing before bedtime. Depending on your personal preferences, you can relax in a warm bath, find a book to read, perform yoga exercises, try deep-breathing exercises, or meditate. Any activity that relaxes your body will relax your mind. When both your body and mind are completely relaxed, it will not take long for you to fall asleep.

Relaxing and preparing for bedtime means disconnecting from distractions. Remember to turn off the television and other electronics. Turn off your cell phone, or set it to vibrate. Unless you do not have any trouble sleeping with your pets, remove the pets from your bedroom. You do not want to fall asleep and be awakened by your cat or dog jumping on the bed. While some people do not mind noise and distractions when they sleep, most people sleep better without it. Unless you need to stay alert for a small child in your family, strive for a quiet room without any distractions when you are planning to go to bed.

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